condoms=up, candy on a high

My lovely friend, whom I’ll call C-Money, just made a great point. We’d been talking about the upswing in condom sales (the puns are just impossible to resist), and then she read this in the Times, talking about the spike in candy demand since the economy sunk. I think she’s right, we’re a bunch of sad little babies resorting to a needy oral fixation in the face of these meanie money times. As the great one-hit-wonder, Marcy Playground, so presciently sang, “I had so much time to sit and think about myself/and there she was/…I like sex and candy…”

People are going to need lots of, ahem, romantic cardio to counteract all those extra calories. Stay tuned for my Huffington Post story on condoms, condoms, everywhere and always feel free to send candy.


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