Affordable Art: Antler Magazine, yours, online and beautiful.

Holly at decor8 has the best taste, combining the quaint and crafty interiors and tidbits I love with current and future-forward design that’s hot off the brains of the most creative artists and designers out there. Thanks to Holly for letting us know about Antler Magazine, a new venture bursting with cultural inspiration and diving deep into the various passions from its glossy shell. It’s all online so you can immerse yourself in total beauty as you wish. Next issue drops April 15. In love – here’s their mission statement:

ANTLER is an online magazine which focuses on composing a collection of beautiful, inspiring ideas and designs from all aspects of life. We come in the body of a fashion magazine, but are more than just that. We look for ways to inspire through not only fashion, but art, design, literature, and culture. We strive to compile a new collection each month that meets this criteria. We publish online to help reduce our carbon footprint, but also to make ANTLER accessible to readers from all corners of the globe. We are interested in showcasing more than just a superficial layer of fashion. We want to feature innovation and how people are contributing to make the world a better place. ANTLER is not only for a source of amazing fashion, art, culture and beauty, but will enchant and inspire as well.


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