A (hot) everyday look for the big day?

There’s something a impossibly cool about wearing a simple, dressed-down outfit on your wedding day – like the girl with an effervescent personality couldn’t be bogged down a sea of frou-frou white fluff. It makes me think she’s confident and care-free, and focuses more about boogying down than having everything be just so. (Image above Samuelle via A Cup of Jo)

Like, perhaps:

Shabby Apple White Eyelet Dress, $76

Nanette Lepore on Bluefly, $165

Don’t get me wrong, I love ornate and traditional formal wedding gowns in many instances, but I look up to the girls who buck the trend. Bianca Jaggers YSL is more iconic than everyday but same idea....

Bianca’s YSL suit (no shirt, no bra) is more iconic than toned down, but same idea – she rules.

How quirky and whatevs would it be for the bride and her maids to wear skirts and tops?!

via snippet & ink, fashion from J. Crew

This is Jaime King, and she’s barefoot.


One response to “A (hot) everyday look for the big day?

  1. What a cute idea! I would love to have a casual but chic wedding! …now all i need is the groom.. hmm…

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