, anyone get it?

I don’t really understand the concept of, but it’s sure bringing my little bloggy-poo tons of traffic (eat that, facebook!). I’ll take a deeper read and share what I learn, and if you have any insight, drop a com.

And thanks, Cheru Jackson – it may be over my head, but I appreciate it!


One response to “, anyone get it?

  1. generateddreams

    I’m in it right now! I was going to reply the last time but it moved on. I noticed the pause button this time round however.

    It’s responsible for alot of my views aswell. I think basically it just goes through blogs and each time it goes to a new one.

    Although you get views I’m not sure whether alot of people are actually looking at them. I left it on whilst I was wondering round the flat and it’s looked at 65blogs. None of whice I’ve looked at myself, apart from this one to reply to 🙂

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