go ahead, it’s OK

6-yummy-luxuries1. Get a new pillow…or two! Target, $7.99 each

2. After a long day, throw off your stockings and work clothes and cozy into an oversized sweater, a la Ann Margaret in Bye Bye, Birdie. Dance around your bedroom and sing “How Lovely to be a Woman” while you do it, if you’d like. DVD available at Amazon, $9.99

3. Three words: Buy.New.Socks. Any kind, just trust me on this one. AE Aerie Pretty Pointelle Knee Socks, $9.50 or Rainbow Ankle Socks Set from Forever21, $5.50

4. Make like Kate Moss and lay in a gauzy tangle of sheets in the middle of the day, topless and smoking with dirty hair. Photographed by Hedi Slimane

5. Pick up a little jade plant at the farmer’s market- also known as a friendship tree or a money plant. That’s what I’m talking about!!

6. Buy your boyfriend some James Perse perfection for his birthday, let his smell sink into the fibers and adopt back as your own. James Perse Half Zip Sweater, $140

There you have it, easy, breezy and oh so amazing.

Postscript- Lucky #7: if you can, wake up for a sunset.


One response to “go ahead, it’s OK

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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