What better place to be unemployed?

Besides writing and job searching in the morning and at night, this is my plan for the week:

(The image above was just too good to pass up on Google Images – titled, “Hansens with the NYC skyline, 1984”)

Monday: Roosevelt Island Tram and island tour.  Total price= $4.25

Tuesday: Sunny and 60 means Brooklyn Botanic Garden (free on Tuesday) and then working in Madison Square Park and lunching at the Shake Shack.  Total price= $10

Wednesday: Bronx Zoo for the first time.  FREE.  Also free on Wednesdays, Juilliard’s lunchtime concerts.

Thursday: Whole Foods breakfast with the old madberries crew, Central Park and work at NYPL.

Friday: job interview!!!*

*well, ideally…


One response to “What better place to be unemployed?

  1. Are we having lunch on Thursday? Let me know! I may have a conflict (Cable Guy is coming between 6am and midnight, er, 8 am and 1pm) …

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