Home Haircuts

C-Money won’t let me cut her hair, even though I ‘m a home pro.  My friend Elizabeth’s dad came up with the most genius idea that we used to replicate in high school: put on a striped shirt and cut along the line.  Magnifique!  I even worked in a hair salon in college, shared this tactic and I swear, the stylists exchanged glances that said, “that’s not a bad idea…”

C-money has long, straight (AKA easy) hair but she doesn’t trust me.  If I could dig up a shot of Gretchen in the spring of 1998 (has anyone scanned prom?), she’d definitely change her mind.  Also, it’s summer, when no one cares about her anyways.  While we were cutting each other’s hair in the bathroom, my brother and his friend, Flip were having dreadlock-contests (AKA not washing your hair for weeks on end).

image via We Heart It


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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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