Feast on the insanely expensive

Here are a few things that will make your eyes pop, because they’re beautiful and because they cost so much.  This stuff makes me inexplicably fall into nervous hysterics.

J. Crew Globe Trotter Centenary 13″ Vanity Case, $800. OK, so it’s less than $1K, but it’s J. CREW and it’s the cheapest piece in the collection, which caps out just under $2K. What gives?

Louboutin Carnival Peep Toes, $1,665 and Louboutin Mount Street Strappies, $995 (both also come in Black).

La Perla Satin & Lace Basque, $450

James Perse Vintage Beach Cruiser Bicycle, $2,200

Balmain Embroidered Mini Dress, $12,355

The Balthazar breakfast menu, specifically, the $7.50 Half Grapefruit….but such a nice way to start the day!


One response to “Feast on the insanely expensive

  1. I asked for that J Crew bottle bag for xmas! Lol… And obviously didn’t get it. Saw the second pair of shoes at neimans the other day and fell in love!

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