Tell me your cravings, woes and hearts desires that lie beyond your financial grasp.  I know you deserve it, so maybe I can help scrounge up a (shhh) budget-friendly version.

Remember, my homies and honeys, that I am unemployed.  Whether it’s a chartreuse silk love seat, a little boy’s navy blazer or grown man’s distressed leather bomber, a vintage rhinestone-feather-and-velvet clutch, or you just THINK you can’t live without some kind of orange Moroccan style tunic this summer, I bet I can find you one that you can afford. (Note: these are totally RANDOM examples and in no way represent the wishes that trickle through my head on a daily basis…)

Drop a com or email  We’ll see what we can do!

**As for me, I’m on the hunt for a big, black floppy hat and nautical striped tee to wear over bloomers on some gauzy seashore somewhere.  Image styled by Jane Roarty, via Black*Eiffel


One response to “TELL ME!

  1. just saw a great floppy hat at H&M on Monday…!

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