The Carnation Myth

Interiors by Francesca via decor8

I think carnations are quaint, intricate and totally undeserving of their antiquated, SATC-induced bad reputation as a “filler flower.” I love my kitchen table set with a tight bunch of red carnies in a mason jar. I really can’t afford a luxury like flowers, but if I absolutely can’t resist, these budget blossoms are a good fix. Trust me and try it!

Martha Stewart Living

InStyle Weddings

Apartment Therapy


4 responses to “The Carnation Myth

  1. As the former VP of Merchandising for Martha’s Flowers, I have always LOVED carnations! They are best massed out or combined with one other deserving flower. They have the loveliest petals —
    but don’t ever get those heinous blue or green dyed ones! Horrible!

  2. Terry, as an Irishman I think that’s very bigoted! JUST kidding!!!!!

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