Be a stringy-pig!

During a Walgreens run today, my friend whom I’ll call Ciao Bella and I debated the effectiveness of generic brand toiletries. Personally, I’m wary of ingredient concentrations and how they differ, so for things like medicines and sunscreen, I hesitate. I also tend to be a makeup snob because my skin is so darn sensitive, but I want to believe the non-name brands are just as good at lower prices.

I am enlisting your help! Can you give me existing feedback on your experience with drugstore brands, OR if you’re particularly brave, be a little stringy-guinea-pig for a week or so and test some product?

Drop a com or send me an email at if you’re game. I’ll be testing too, so let’s split up Walgreens (I personally give points for their naming liberty on things like, say, Wal-tussin. Brilliant.), Target, Wal-mart, CVS and/or Duane Reade.

Thanks, spankies! xo


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