So happy to have everyone to the string…

It’s so nice to be getting new readers every day.  Thanks for checking in, I hope to keep using my own unemployed time to share a bit of what I find that makes a sophisticated, sassy life a little less expensive.  Charm on the cheap?  OK, I’ll stop with the bad alliteration.

the string muses on everything from the latest fashion trends, shopping finds, unattainable lust objects (ULO), entertainment (you’ll see I love movies, they’re really the cheapest form of just-plain-awesome entertainment out there), home and apartment decor, priceless design inspiration and a little bit of eye candy just about every day.  If EVER there’s something you’d like to see on the string, email me at

Thanks, also, to, which seems to be driving some good traffic to the site, although I’m still a little green on what it’s all about!



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