oh, happy day! Courtsy is 24!

Image via dream smile design

To my little sister on her birthday:

Oh, my little Courtsy-wartsy, my Keith.  My first birthday gift to you was a batch of mini pink cupcakes that I made with Mrs. Fay when you were born.  I remember them, they were strawberry, and you were bald and chub-a-licious.  Such a pretty baby.

You deserve the best birthday because:

This past Valentine’s Day you presented me with a love basket of Rebel Red Middle Sister wine, pink heart drinking glass, pink lint roller, pink heart undies, pink slippers, pink candy and a pink umbrella.

When I was in high school, going out on Saturday nights, I would return to a love note and chocolates on my turned-down bed, from you.

Because if given the choice between $1 million and a puppy, you’d pick the puppy.

When you were little, your favorite dress-up costume was a red satin-and-black lace flapper dress that fell just below your nipples.  Floozy!  (Also, you were losing your hair at that point, so it just added to the overall look)

As a tiny little thing with blonde ringlets and huge blue eyes, you were a nasty ice hockey player, field hockey player and powerhouse swimmer.  Sorry, don’t mean to make you sound like…”that girl”, but you are an amazing athlete!

You weren’t always tiny, when you were a baby, you wore a bathing suit with a whale on it, because of your adorable tub.

Remember shower conversations?  I bet we were in middle school before mom finally made us bathe separately.

We used to play MLB baseball on Sega Genesis and you LOVED stealing bases, but HATED getting tagged out, so you would beg me to “just let you steal.” If I didn’t acquiesce, you would cry.

You would also cry if I didn’t let you sleep with me.  You can’t sleep with someone without your signature leg-toss-over-the-neighboring-torso move.  You put your arms into it too.  Basically, sharing a bed with you is like a full contact sport.  Ha!

Dad tried to keep you from falling out of the top bunk in New Hampshire by tucking you in super tight.  It didn’t work.

Ask mom about getting us dressed up when we were little and this is what she’ll say: Courtney had these thick, golden ringlets that used to curl perfectly into little pigtails.  Kelly’s bowl cut would barely fit into elastics and would stick straight out in pitiful little pigtails.  You were plump and rosy, while I was scrawny and freckled.

Some of your favorite things over the years: 101 Dalmations, Lady & The Tramp, Go-Go My Walking Pup, ham salad, PINK, Christopher Meloni, that movie about the family in New Zealand that lives on the airstrip and bedazzles everything in the house, Barbie’s friend, Midge; pink beer, Dana Call Girl, citizenship, Sister Gilbert, milk bones, Orson’s water bowl, Peanut, Molly, Tucker, Tootsie, anything and everything that belongs to ME.

May you and dad celebrate with ham salad sandwiches and scrambled eggs, and Bud Light at a fancy restaurant.  Millions of kisses and so much love, sissy.


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