chic: “as weird as it wants”

Ah, chic.  The word has become ubiquitous in fashion editorial and it’s hard to discern what, or who, really embodies the concept.  Chandler Burr (who once, and I quote, said to me, “honey, I love you to death, but you’re being a huge pain in my ass!”) offers up a splendid take on the term from Luca Turin.

Luca once called something chic, and I asked him why, or rather what “chic” was exactly. He sighed and said despairingly, “Chic is the most impossible thing to define.” He thought about it. “Luxury is a humorless thing, largely. Chic is all about humor. Which means chic is about intelligence. And there has to be oddness — most luxury is conformist, and chic cannot be. Chic must be polite, but within that it can be as weird as it wants.”

via kottke, via Chandler Burr of The New York Times.


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