Fruits of Glass

orangepumpkiningardenDISCLAIMER: This stuff aint cheap…

…but it sure is pretty (and if your mother would love it for mum’s day coming up, $150 for a small pumpkin, from her pumpkin, wouldn’t be too crazy!)

I have to say, the photography doesn’t do it justice.  I stumbled upon a few Cohn-Stone Glass Studio pieces at a shop in Austin yesterday and was entranced by the milky, bright orange, hand-blown glass pumpkins.  They also make pears, apples, acorns and leaves, as well as several other impeccable collections evoking kaleidescope palettes and sublime textures in their decorative vases and scultpures.

Seasonal decorating presents the perfect conundrum: I want to do it, I’m cheesy like that, but I’m not entirely cheesy like that – nothing I hate more than Easter Bunny flags and stiff BOO tea towels.  These pumpkins, then, like vintage Americana and Victorian valentines, solve a problem I never knew I had. 

Feast your eyes, pumpkins!


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