swap parties!


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A few months ago, Vogue featured an article about those mystery socialite-editrix-contributor chicks having a swap party.  For the first time, I was inspired to replicate such a thing in my own life, and since we have real lives, planning has been underway for quite some time. 

Basically, you get a gaggle of your favorite like-sized (I guess, right?), style-savvy friends (read: all of them, of course) and after gathering together all the stuff you know you’ll never wear, mix some drinks, make some trades and everyone comes away happy and tipsy.

Please drop a com or email me if you’re based in NYC and would like to participate in our little shindig-in!

Some rules:

  • Set a minimum, but leave no maximum.  Each girl must provide 10 pieces, but is free to haul over as much as she’d like.
  • Separate clothing items into 2 categories: leisure (um, sweats & tees) and luxe (everything else). That way, you’ll stop sneaky Sara from scoring your shocking pink DVF mini for her old OU capri stretch pants.
  • Upon arrival, have each partygoer “check” their bags with you and distribute color coded tickets for each item (pink for pretty, purple for cozy, and if you prefer, by categories like bags, shoes, jewelry, jackets, etc….)
  • Work with a co-hostess or team, so that as babes and their bags of clothing arrive, you can swiftly organize and arrange while cocktail hour gets going. 
  • Explain to your posse how it will work and get going.  If you’ve got friends who were not in a sorority are modest, you may want to designate a quasi-private dressing room in your bedroom, but I would know nothing about that.
  • Assign a checkout girl, so that everyone can “buy” their found items with their tickets.  Your very own little Bergdorfs!  Or Domestic Outfitters, whatever!
  • Have a camera ready (for the CLOTHED parts, you sorority sluts you)!
  • Serve drinks (mix it up). Or tea. Play music (trash and treasure, Britney and Sinatra). Have fun. Gloat over your good finds.

*Whatever does NOT go – you may have girls with 10 things and girls with 35 – plan to bring to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill.  So nice of you!


One response to “swap parties!

  1. I am SO in!!! Let me know where and when. I will bring something pretty and pink to drink (think rose proseco – yum!).

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