Met Ball Dress Obsessed

I was flying today and so am late to post the fashion from Monday night’s Costume Institue “Model as Muse” Gala at the Met. After an invigorating perusal of the high fashion peacock walk into the museum, we learn that risk is in, in the form of lots of leg, groovy metallics and showstopping, unapologetic, old-school drama.

This is the event that regularly reminds us what a red carpet should be. Diane Kruger (a perennial favorite of mine) led the pack in uber-formal minis in a way only a beautiful French German (ed. note – obvi!!!) girl can. Other standouts included Frenchie Marion Cotillard on the arm of John Galliano, an inspirational Ashley Olsen, Raquel Zimmerman and the per-usual-overdressed (but earth-shattering and stunning, nonetheless) Kate Beckinsale. Oh, and who else? Kate Moss, in a solid-gold, cascading, one-shoulder mini and coordinating turban, goes without saying. She is a queen.

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