Austin, I love you.

After spending a whirlwind 30 hours in Austin, I’m smitten.  I got a taste of hipster-hick and sophisticated rock-a-billy chic along South Congress, popping into a smattering of antique alcoves, sweet boutiques and an adorable Airstream called hey, cupcake, complete with rotating cupcake atop its silver bubble and picnic tables under retro string lights on the roadside.

We had the pleasure of coffee and live music at Jo’s Coffee, and sadly, only quickly strolled through Hotel San Jose.  I’d like to live and die there, or at least hang out in the bungalow courtyard by the cozy little pool at the 2010 SXSW.  Hopefully the one-brown-eye-one-blue-eye pup, Indy, will still be hanging around the lobby.  They even loan guests Polaroids and an old-school typewriter if they feel so inclined to write.  Love the quirk.  I was thrilled to learn the same owners of Jo’s and San Jose have now undertaken the revamp of the nearby Austin Motel.  I expect the results will be similarly quintessential easy-cool Austin.

Drinks at the Lake Travis-front metropolis, Oasis gave us a serene view of the city’s cliffside Spanish-style estates under a warm Texas sunset, and after chilling out to a Latin jazz band at the Elephant Room, a nighttime Harley ride through my uncle’s neighborhood brought us face to face with about 40 deer.  Amazing!


3 responses to “Austin, I love you.

  1. Great pics! Austin is awesome!!

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