Happy Mothers’ Day!

image via mary ruffle

Lucky me, on this day, for I’ve got the best one of all. And the best gran, too. My mom let me hold her hand in public until I was in high school, and always gave me the triple-squeeze “I love you” secret code while doing so. I can’t thank her enough for playing hide and seek with us, picking up my sorry drunken a** weekend after weekend during my wild years, always being swift to forgive, keeping most punishments at the empty threat level, making us “homemade” cake every year, shielding us from such atrocities as brussel sprouts and not being one of those pretentious sugar cereal-is-bad-for-you moms, putting new sheets on my bed when she visits just because I like how she does it, having slumber parties even now, and finally buying a house with a pool and a hot tub.

As for Mimi, she’s my fashion role model with incredible strength and a whole bunch of charm. She gave me the best advice I’ve ever received: drinking a bottle of wine a night is good for you. I hope I have turned or will turn out even just a little bit like her – little miss sassy in seven jeans with her weight lifting (1.5 pink dumbbells or soup cans) counted in French to strengthen body and mind and Peanuts obsession! I like to think our Scrabble-playing incurable fits of laughter, which in Mimi’s case go on for several minutes at a time and result from absolutely nothing, are a result of good times, and not because she thinks I’m crazy.

Plus, I know a ton of awesome mothers and some preggettes that are going to be equally exemplary, I just know. Thanks for sustaining humankind, ladies.


3 responses to “Happy Mothers’ Day!

  1. Thank you Kelly for such a sweet sentiment.It was easy being a mother with a daughter like you. I love you bunches!!!!!!!!!!! Mom

  2. Left the message with the wrong name. HAHAHA

  3. Mom, were you drunk? JUST kidding.

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