Oh so obsessed with Dumpling Dynasty, BUT…

Picture 4

…it seems as though the goods are only available to customers in the USA for a whopping 30-pound shipping fee.  As in 30 British pounds, or a bazillion American dollars, not, say, you pay a shipping fee for items weighing 30 pounds.

Enough whining.  Dumpling Dynasty is the ridiculously silly brainchild of illustrator Fiona Hewitt and “expert in Asian kitschology” Andy Tainton.  Inspired by their expat years in China, the two have come up with such gleeful trinkets, I want them all.  There are kits for the essentials from boot shining to pigtail construction to cupcake baking to outdoor adventuring.  Acrylic chopsticks save a gal in a pinch, and retro accessories like wallets and pencil cases scream cheek in, ahem, red.

I love, I love, I love.  Love them as gifts, love them as party favors, love them for myself. I’ll do pigtails on anyone who can find me these products stateside.  French braids if you buy them for me!

Picture 8**Also, the website says a HAPPY HOUR kit is coming soon!  Oh my wonderful…

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 5


5 responses to “Oh so obsessed with Dumpling Dynasty, BUT…

  1. I know where those are sold in Dallas!

  2. Barbara (Mrs. Clarke's friend in Boston)

    They are sold at Zuzu’s Sisters in Hingham, MA

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