Charming Entryway

image via desire to inspire via chutes and ladders

I much prefer a bright little nook leading into an apartment steeped with low lights and lots of character, rather than a sweeping foyer (fo-yay) with an echo.

Check out this little entryway- it’s tiny but bursting with color and charm, without being too cute (you could do that with painter’s tape, easily). Chances are, if you’ve got a tiny apartment you don’t have a huge budget for decorating (or an entryway, like me, but a girl can dream), but focusing on the smaller objets that inhabit this part of the house are likely lower priced than, say, a living room set, so it may be a manageable project to start the process of tricking out your pied-a-terre.

An accent table punched up with paint and lacquer with an interesting lamp, perhaps a miniature bunch of flowers and some flea market finds for a fresh tablescape for keys, boots and umbrellas, while making a good first impression at the same time. Every time you walk in you’ll be inspired by your pretty little jumping off point.


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