Please, save the library

I’m a library lover and always have been.  When you think about the concept, it’s pretty amazing, in addition to just being an enduring part of our culture.

The main branch of the NYPL is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, country, planet (and site of Carrie’s failed wedding bonanza to Big in the SATC movie.  Sorry, but it’s context for out-of-towners).  The organization as a whole faces budget cuts after enjoying a 12% INCREASE in visits last year.

How sad.  Thanks to kottke for bringing this to attention and linking to the ways we can help.  Maybe they can redirect the funds slated for the George W. Bush Library going up at SMU?

Even if you’re not into the whole library thing, do it for me, your dorky little friend.  It’s all I want for my birthday.


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