A belated ode to sunnies.

Why the hell haven’t I posted about sunglasses yet? I hate to fail my readers, so my apologies.

Sunnies are a tricky thing. They’re #1 in two important lists: the three essentials you’d want on a desert island (along with sunscreen and a lover, easy) and two essentials you’d need for a massive hangover (just above a Bloody Mary). However, there’s something in sunglasses DNA that makes them elusive and easy to lose. I have been tricked into trying on a nice pair when all of a sudden I see a $395 price tag and my eyes almost pop out the solid gold lenses.

No, don’t be silly, there are plenty of pairs for less than $100 that are indistinguishable from the big money models.

Marc by Marc Jacobs is the best for affordable designer shades (ha! feel like my dad calling them shades), and they make my favorite aviators:

OK, so don’t kill me, these are $148 at kate spade– but there’s free shipping!

kate spade sunglasses

And last but not least, a pair from Target that, call me crazy, look an awful lot like Tom Ford. For about $300 cheaper, I’ll take ’em.

Picture 13

Target, $16.99

Picture 14

Tom Ford, $321


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