Mississippi Love

Oh, how I LOVE Mississippi.

Serendipitously, I talked to my friend Adam today for the first time since his return from Indonesia, by way of Angola, and then stumbled upon this Mississippi blues-inspired post on snippet & ink. See, I went with Adam and C-money on a road trip down the Mississippi Blues Trail and into New Orleans last summer and we had the most magical time (Adam is a travel guide writer and was on assignment).

We stayed at the Shack-up Inn in Clarksdale, MS, a compound of former sharecropper cottages and a barn housing an awesome party room. It’s totally relaxed, a little gritty, with good music playing, cold beers and people who just like to sit around and shoot the breeze. I vowed to have my 30th birthday party there, and these images just reinforce the desire.

I hope I get to return before 30, and go back to see Ole Miss and Square Books in Oxford; have moonshine at a juke joint and listen to the world’s most amazing blues in Clarksdale; and visit lovely little Natchez for some Mississippi River kayaking!

I highly recommend MS as a very Americana road trip.


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