May Flowers

Picture 13

J. Crew Poplin Cargo Jacket, $98

Unattainable Flowers, priceless

I received the new J. Crew catalog yesterday, and was a little ticked about the “one-of-a-kind flowers” they used just for the shoot, that were not available for purchase.  Mean!

They looked great on the rugged anorak, and it’s a look I almost always love.  Despite a few loved ones’ favorite Clowns-squirting-water jokes, I think a dramatic flower on the lapel is one of those instant outfit pick-me-ups.

In searching for my own fakey flowers to plant on myself, I came across some great accessories along the theme:

RiRiFisch’s Gypsy Garden Blue Crepe Poppy Headband, $20

icing101 Gold & Navy Purse, $32

zippinning gray & burgundy floral brooch, $36

hapitat pink satin rose hairpin, $45


2 responses to “May Flowers

  1. I found some great faux flowers at H&M. Pretty, cheap and they will either pin on or clip on. I made a simple, basic cardigan fabulous!

  2. Ohhh, thanks for the tip! I have a meager collection of fakes I took off my party dresses from the ’90s!!!

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