the string loves the strand and david sedaris

Picture 12

(excuse the ghetto screen shot) – cover image is Van Gogh

I love trolling around the strand bookstore– one of those really New York-y soft spots, I think.

Tomorrow (June 2), David Sedaris will be reading from his book When You Are Engulfed in Flames. Tickets are sold out, but standing room is available for free.  I love humor books, especially his (a round-up of all my favorites will follow!).

Drop me a line if you want to check it out with me!  Or, check out the event page here. And if I see you there without hearing from you, I’ll be offended.  No matter where you live, book readings provide some good, free fun.  Other upcoming writers on tour include Gene Wilder, Gloria Steinem and Colson Whitehead.

(Note: As anyone who ever went on spring break with me knows, I have a very low threshold for herds acting like idiots in cramped spaces, so be warned – we may have to give up easily and get a milkshake if we’re smushed and can’t see anything!)


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