clipboard decor

O!Rachew! via sfgirlbybay

I love this gallery wall put together with clipboards! The methodical grid offsets the bundles of snapshots and the entire thing gives off a retro effect. The best part is that clipboards only set you back a couple of dollars at most. I display my desktop calendar cards with a little 5 x 7 guy, which is adorable too. Plus, no holes or tape to contend with on the wall!


4 responses to “clipboard decor

  1. I love this idea, its great for a guys office too because its not too frufru.

    • I’m inspired! I’m buying clipboards this weekend and then you are coming to Beantown to set them up for me. I pay well. xo

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  3. OK, and for an extra $$$$ I will decoupage them too:

    Please spare your guy the decoupaged version, though! Love that idea. Could be cute for kids, too.

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