GOOP, BCN, Gwyneth & Catherine Deneuve

It has its critics, but I always enjoy Gwyneth Paltrow’s weekly e-newsletter, GOOP. Today’s GO edition offers up the best of Barcelona, an absolute dream city on earth. While when I went we didn’t have much of a budget to eat anywhere of note, the tight maze of streets in the Gothic District, where we stayed, housed tapas and cava around every corner, and we certainly ate very well. I dream about the simple, but distinctly Spanish pan de tomate and cafe con leche that I practically lived on for those few days.

Picture 1

We actually rented an apartment in Barcelona (that’s our exact flat!), which turned out to be a great and economical idea at just around 80 Euro a night. All planning was done through the totally legit cocoon barcelona, and I’m sure most European cities have something similar. My other recommendation: rent a bike to see all of Barcelona!

Next week, Gwynnie does cookies. And speaking of Gwynnie, she reminds me so much of Catherine Deneuve. Do you agree?

images via pink lemonade


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