Polly’s Purse Conundrum

design*sponge sneak peek: office – a beautiful closet I do NOT have in my apartment

My dear friend, Polly has asked SUCH a good question – how does one conveniently store bags without their being tossed in a messy heap somewhere?

After doing some stealthy reconnaissance and anthropological research, here are a few ideas from around the web:

Apartment Therapy’s 10 ways to organize an entryway

I love this bench with dividers underfoot, as well as a shelf over nicely spaced hooks for items like bags and such. Tiny NYC apartments often have high ceilings, so look up and see if there are strategic spots for neat storage baskets or boxes. Just make sure it’s low enough to reach!

Apartment Therapy’s 10 ways to organize an entryway

Another from AT – why not use an oversized bag to store your other bags? You could keep your casual bags in this way, as long as they can handle being piled up – but storing them in their fabric bags is wise! I use my LL Bean tote for storage in my bedroom, but anything sturdy, like raffia or a framed suitcase, could do the trick.

via design is mine

LL Bean Extra-Large Tote, $30

Martha Stewart recommends stuffing purses and storing them in flannel bags, and also cleverly hangs scarves and accessories from paper towel racks.


My sister had a cute mini dresser as a bedside table – it does double time housing your clock radio and reading lamp, while stashion extras like handbags and magazines.  If you can squeeze one in, it’s something to consider.  Even a flea market find could look fance with a coat of paint and polyurethane!

O! Rachew!

I know one of my biggest problems with bag storage is that they pile up and turn into a massive, non-artsy installation on the wall.  Try to split them up by shape – flat, all-purpose totes can hang conveniently by the door, even if it’s just on a chunk of wall like the one above.  Then, your nicer ones can form a smaller clump in the bedroom or hallway.


2 responses to “Polly’s Purse Conundrum

  1. YES!!!! Thank you, Kelly!! I am LOVING the idea of a bench with some storage. I think that’s an amazing option and I am so sold. Plus I love surfaces that I can pile stuff on top of. Kind of like this one, plus who knew there was a site called http://www.juststoragebenches.com. God bless the internet. http://www.juststoragebenches.com/indoor-storage-benches/storage-benches/sonomatriplecubbiebenchblack.cfm

    Also, Martha Stewart is a goddess. Towel racks for scarves. YES.

    THANK YOU KELLY!!! xoxoxo

  2. Hat racks are great for purse storage too! Especially pretty flea market finds!

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