freckly mess

Anyone who knows me will be shocked to hear my sun-loving, freckled self say this: but please, please, please take care of your skin this summer.

Ruche via bloomacious

First step: make an appointment with a dermatologist to get your skin checked. For me, it’s a freckle check, and even with my millions of spots, it takes mere minutes. It’s painless and pointless to skip. I am awaiting results for a biopsy that left unsightly scar chunks on my thighs, so please, save yourself the synthetic cellulite and get a check before you have to get hacked up.

Picture 44

GreetQ via Creature Comforts

Don’t leave the house without 50+ SPF, a hat, sunnies, the works. You’ll look glamorous now, and young when you’re old. And there’s no way I will stay looking like a raw chicken through the summer – I swear by Kiehl’s Sun-Free Tanning Formula and Jergens Natural Glow. If I can do it, you can do it. Also, I’m working at a medi-spa now, and they’re so focused on preserving your skin with Blue Lizard sunscreen. Get on board.

Picture 45via Anthropologie

I was the last person to preach against a sun-kiss, but it’s too dangerous, my babies! Fake and bake with self-tanner, not fake rays! Pretty, pretty please!

And if you don’t believe me, then just ask OPRAH!!!!!


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