boys will be boys and girls will dress for girls

I can’t speak for the rest of the country/world, but I know that most New York women have, at one point, kindly clarified to their boyfriends that truly hot (and by hot, we mean fashionable) women dress not for their macho oglers but for other women.  Who are, in this city, ogling each other on a much more critical level.

So, yes, honey, that is why I opted for the dress you so fondly named “the garbage bag” with your favorite “C3PO sandals” for the dinner party over the old red minidress I shrunk years ago and keep forgetting to throw away.  And those Abercrombie jeans may make my ass look phenomenal, but you’ll have to just look forward to my next painting project to get a good look.

That said, do you think it’s possible to make everyone happy?  Is there such a thing as truly chic sexpot?  Ali Larter says, YES!

Picture 57

Ali Larter in Herve Leger at the Whitney Contemporaries Art Party & Auction, via bloomacious

We might have to have a male confirm, but I think this is a universally sexy look because:

  • She’s at a museum benefit, which makes it badass
  • The body hugger gives off a sensual sheen in toned-down neutrals versus loud color
  • At the same time, the pattern on the dress makes her body look unreal, but in a contemporary, almost painterly way
  • Chunky glad-plats simultaneously amp up the vixen quality of the ensemble while adding a heavy, fashion-forward accent
  • Same with the statement necklace, it brings attention to the décolletage in a haute hippie kind of way
  • Natural makeup and a casual-but-ladylike updo keep up the outfit’s even keel
  • Plus, she’s just beautiful and would probs look chic and sexy in sweats!

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