for princess court…

Picture 64.

Jonathan Adler Chippendale armchair, don’t even click, it’s $795

..I got a letter in the string’s mailbox from my sister, that read:

hello sister!!

i would love for you to do a little research and feed my hunger for two faux bamboo chairs that are not as pricey as jonathan adler’s perfect perches!! i am dying to snag a pair of chairs to paint raspberry pink for the new living room.



little sissy

OK, LS, this is what I’ve got for you (PS this was going up on Monday, but she begged for it sooner):

To start, this is not a pair of chairs, but it’s a bamboo bar for $80 that you MUST buy, paint bright pink and put somewhere in your new bachelorette pad. It’d be a shame to let some lesser girl snag this:

Picture 61

via Dallas Craigslist

Besides the bar, there are a number of moving sales – get a pen and Google maps and spend your next free Saturday cruising for junkers. THINK PINK – you can turn a real dud into a masterpiece with enough bright paint and lacquer finish.

(You may also find yard sales by sites like Weekend Treasure and Yard Sale Treasure Map.)

Pearl River Natural Tone Bamboo Bench, $37.50 each

OK, so it’s not a chair either, but it’s a bamboo bench you could sand, strip and paint for about $40.

Steal a set of chairs from the next outdoor wedding you attend, or grab these from Overstock ($105 for set of 2). You could actually order a Chiavari Ballroom Chair (what you see at weddings), unfinished, then paint and reupholster

Or throw a tie cushion on them:

Picture 62

Picture 63

Paint by Benjamin Moore

Cushions from Pier 1 Imports

Lastly, I think ebay has a few sweet choices (click through images to auctions):

starting bid: $80 for the set

starting bid: $199 for the set


5 responses to “for princess court…

  1. Kelbel- you are the best! Thanks for the great ideas! Ill have a busy weekend garage sale hunting and ebay browsing. Might just have to snag that bar–it would be super fun in my backyard! …do NOT want it to look like a cheesy tropical oasis tho.. Come visit and help decorate! xx

  2. recently on craigslist (here in MA) an event center was having a sale and selling all their chiavari chairs for 15 bucks a pop! Home depot sells a great raspberry pink spray paint, a great blue too, or a laquer black or white goes a long way… basically any color of the rainbow haha.

    on ebay use the search “hollywood regency” and tons of really great stuff comes up. I see those bamboo chairs paired with a fab gold mirror, you know the real thick frame kind- would be so chic. Add a little Chiang Mai Dragon by Schumacher fabric, ok thats a little expensive…but ebay sells sample pieces all the time so check them out.

    Ok, I’m blabbing- but you get the idea. Good luck!

  3. i have loved that jonathan adler chair for a long time!!! and yes, it is expensive.
    but the truth is you certainly can get an older bamboo piece and simply paint it.

  4. Thank you! I have found many possible purchases! You all have been a big help 🙂

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