movie monday!

Cinderella, 1950

I’ve loved the movies ever since my first time when I saw Cinderella and unknowingly dumped a jumbo box of Junior mints into my little blue bloomers. My mom thought I’d had a major accident, while I just stared at her all confused in the bathtub, wanting to go to bed and dream about Cinderella. In the weeks following, I famously stomped around the house refusing to be like Cinderella and spend all my time cleaning up – I was three.

I love everything about the movies: going alone, with friends, on dates, rating previews (one finger means don’t want to see it, two is kind of and three is for sure! Credit: Meghan Keenan), watching credits, soundtracks, popcorn, wardrobe, cinematography, promotional materials, awards shows….oh, my.

Anyhow, wanted to celebrate some of my favorite movie posters of all time – an easy decorating tool that shows off punch and personality – along with some films coming out in the theaters and on DVD.

So sit back, relax and enjoy!

BRUNO, BRUNO, BRUNO, BRUNO (this’ll be better than Cinderella…)

Blow up, 1966


Funny Girl, 1968


Funny Games, 2008


Bye Bye, Birdie, 1963

500 Days of Summer!

Rambo, 2008


Valley of the Dolls, 1967

Funny People!

In the Loop, 2009

Paper Heart!

More to come next month!

Before Night Falls, 2000 (also happens to be one of my favorite movies)


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