*breaking news*

This just in: Robert Pattinson is in NYC, making the rounds at different bars in the East Village.  According to People (which is legit, right?), his favorite is Black and White. Ha, I’m sure the mass of girlies (like me) reading about the hunk on gossip sites is just the clientèle they’re looking for….

It’s interesting foreshadowing of the string’s theme tomorrow: black-and-white eye candy thursday!  Robert Pattinson and I, always on the same page


3 responses to “*breaking news*

  1. so funny! I used to frequent black + white in another life (like 5 years ago.) one of the more hilarious nyc experiences happened to me there. I was there with two friends and some guy had a bag full of hair supplies and was creating beehives in the back for anyone who wanted one. I literally came back to our table looking like Marge Simpson.

  2. I am obsessed with him, dont be surprised if I’m on a bolt bus by 2pm on my way to nyc to stalk 🙂 swoon!

  3. OK, Linds – come on down! I might pass out if I see him, though, based on the time that Hugh Jackman touched my shoulder and I stopped breathing for about 20 seconds……

    And Jen – um, OMG! That is PRICELESS. I love that you partook. Did you take pictures??

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