Carolina Flea

Picture 1My friend, Jane and I spent a scorching hot morning trolling the Raleigh Flea Market for treasures and both came away successful.  In addition to getting the world’s most divine mango-and-lemon ice (flavor combo original), I scored three vintage tins for a total of $11, while Jane found a Kodak Brownie Holiday Camera, with the box, for $15.  Not bad.  

There were also giant South Carolina peaches and magnificent blackberries for sale!  As the weather climbed toward 100 degrees, we stopped for BBQ pulled pork sandwiches – with slaw ON them, yum – and snuck into the local pool for a dip.  THIS is what summer should be.

Picture 3

Picture 2

Picture 5

Picture 4


4 responses to “Carolina Flea

  1. I’d like to know how you do a shoestring cruise in Canada with your mother.

  2. Ooooh – I am jealous of this one! But I would need another apartment if I bought one more thing!!

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