I love Alexis Bittar.

Picture 43

The first thing I’ll do if and when I win the Mega Millions $133 million jackpot, is finally buy myself some Alexis Bittar. Not all his stuff requires winning the lotto, though, there’s lots on sale right now. Even the website is cool – check out the gift guide and Alexis’ Picks pages (pictured above and below).

Picture 42

Angled Twilight Bangle, $157.50

Gold Coral Collar Necklace, $276.50

Gold Coral Drop Earrings, $122.50

Red Coral Branch Ring, $105


2 responses to “I love Alexis Bittar.

  1. Since this is really very specific to this collection of Alexis Bittar I thought you might appreciate knowing… You can actually get some of these amazing Alexis Bittar items for the next 7 days at 25% off using the coupon code ALEXIS25 at http://tr.im/rjQy . No kidding, this one really does work!

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