wanna know what my family’s like?

christmas 1982

…well, here’s a little taste – the email I got from my mother this evening:

Dearest Daughter,

I want you to know something I’ve kept from you all these years. I’m not your real mother. Your Aunt Debbie is your real mother. I hope you love me just the same, and can begin to build a meaningful relationship with Debbie.

Ok, off to the slots!

Mom/Aunt Cinie


2 responses to “wanna know what my family’s like?

  1. i feel like our moms would be fast friends.

  2. you know… it’s very strange. I got an equally strange email from our “mother” tonight… turns out it was from our dear brother Tom…

    ps… mom called him an ass in her response to the weird email. HA!

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