9 by Design

I love the show 9 by Design — Cortney Novogratz is awesome, and the couple’s design style for Sixx Design is fresh (like, fresh-clean-new and fresh-cheeky).  Not to gush, but I even like their parenting style, and their kids are gorgeous.  OK, I’ll stop being strange about it and just list my favorite pictures.  The girls’ room is beyond insane.



Doesn’t this picture look like one of those multimedia-global-communications commercials that start with, “the world is moving at the speed of life….” and then do some kind of montage spanning all the world’s cultures in a 30-second spot? Here you’ve got Muslims and Hindis and one sleepy Gauri.

Otherwise, India.  There’s a lot to say about and see in India, but pink and orange are big ones.  Sigh.

romper copies

I’d posted on my bulletin board the editorial image of a dancer in the Bottega Veneta cotton romper (I totally forget which magazine) because it was so pretty, and then saw it again on Gisele in Vogue.  I can think of several reasons why I’d never in a million years actually wear it, but if I changed my mind, I spotted a total copy at Topshop. Check it out!

small stakes band posters

Setting design to music, and vice versa, can result in something sublime, like Small Stakes show posters, available here.

Here we go again…

It’s been far too long since I visited the bloggity-boo, so let’s give her another shot.  While I get organized, take in the beauty of French singer Francoise Hardy.  She’s wearing stripes.

sunny style

For the most part, I love chic winter cozies.  If I could, I’d exist only in cashmere long johns (do they make those? absolutely LMK if so).  But today, it’s so bitter and windy out there, that I’m thinking about the warm weather and wishing I was in a sundress and sandals (and, um, carrying a Birkin).

via the Sartorialist

Cap-sac, the fannypack for your HEAD! Love.

I’m excited to be doing a little freelance PR project with this groovy-as-hell line of hats called Cap-sac.  And, no joke, it’s a fannypack for your head (!!!) that originally came out in the early 90s.  Hipsters already love to rock them, and my mom thinks they’d be great for the golf course.